In the midst of the economic impact of COVID-19, Rudy’s Jazz Room – like so many other small and arts-related businesses, is looking at ways to recover lost revenue from critically reduced operations, a reality which now threatens its survival.

Named for friend and colleague Rudy Wooten of the renowned Wooten Brothers, Rudy’s Jazz Room is the only local venue dedicated to live jazz in Nashville and it has become a staple and necessary member of our arts community. It’s because of the staff that runs the day-to-day business, the many jazz artists that see it as both a source of income and a vital gathering place, that Rudy’s has become a hot spot for audiences who seek the small venue experience and find outstanding jazz performances and a great menu reminiscent of New Orleans fare. Rudy’s is an active contributor to Nashville’s music scene and is worthy of support.

To combat the pressing financial needs of the business, Rudy’s is raising awareness by reaching into the arts community and rallying artists that have performed on its stage to be part of a live streaming event. “Sustain the Swing” at Rudy’s, will be broadcast on Saturday, May 2 at 7 pm cst, on Facebook Live from the Rudy’s Jazz Room Facebook page. This event will support a current GoFundMe campaign and help the owners Adam Charney and Michael Braden, boost their revenue stream.

Sustain the Swing” at Rudy’s, will feature Greg Pogue, host of the award-winning Nashville Jazz on, as MC for the evening, the Wooten Brothers will appear live from Rudy’s stage, and a number of performances from home will be presented from many of the artists who have played the venue.  All are being contributed to this cause.

You can support Rudy’s today by donating at or on the GoFundMe website at