The next in the TJBS Great Albums Concert Series takes place Friday, November 18, and features a performance of two classic Herbie Hancock albums, Head Hunters and Thrust.


Over fifty years have passed since iconic pianist and composer Herbie Hancock decided to embrace the worlds of funk and soul music, with the 1973 release of Head Hunters. The pianist was looking to change the direction of his recording career from the “more ethereal kind of far-out spacey stuff” he’d been performing with his sextet, to “lighter, more connected to the earth” sound. Hancock succeded in changing not only the sound of his ensemble, but the very course of the art form he’d been sitting at the top of since joining jazz icon Miles Davis’ band ten years prior.

Never one to rest on the heels of his successes, Hancock’s new sound – a genre-bending mix of jazz, funk, and R&B – was met with major support from the release of his new band’s debut recording, Head Hunters, featuring such classic and beloved compositions as “Chameleon,” and a wonderfully reworked rendition of an early Hancock hit, “Watermelon Man.” With only one change to the band’s lineup – drummer Mike Clark’s replacing of Harvey Mason – the band’s follow-up 1974 release, Thrust, continued along a path of jazz-funk brilliance. More than fifty years later, both releases, Head Hunters and Thrust, sound effortlessly modern, engaging, experimental and funky as ever!

The Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society is proud to continue its Great Albums Concert Series with a presentation of these two albums, Head Hunters and Thrust, performed live by a fierce lineup of some of Nashville’s finest genre-bending musicians! Pianist Paul Horton, considered by many to be one of Nashville’s “best-kept secrets,” embraces the Herculean task of playing keyboards, in a rare Nashville appearance since joining forces on tour with The Alabama Shakes! Horton will be joined onstage by bassist Greg Bryant, percussionist Giovanni Rodriguez, saxophonist Rahsaan Barber and drummer Derrek Phillips.

The Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society will present two performances of these groundbreaking recordings by Herbie Hancock on Friday, November 18, at 6pm and 8:30pm, at the Nashville Jazz Workshop. Tickets will be available online from Brown Paper Tickets beginning November 1.