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Giant Steps Special Edition, Gift Guide

By Ron Wynn
Side A – Jazz Plus releases
With Christmas little more than a week away, if you are both a last minute shopper and seeking gifts for a big music fan, here are some items and selections that might prove ideal. All these sets and/or items should be available online, and also hopefully at […]

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Giant Steps by Ron Wynn October/November Part 2

Side II – Interactions/interviews
A. Reuben Jackson interview
Radio host, acclaimed poet, and longtime Duke Ellington curator Reuben Jackson is another among many wonderful friends acquired through Facebook. That is how I found out about his fantastic show “Friday Night Jazz,” which as we said earlier is now sadly in its final weeks. But through April […]

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VIDEO: From the TJBS Great Albums Concert, “Ella and Louis”

From the TJBS Great Albums Concert, “Ella and Louis” September 14, 2016. Featuring Sandra Dudley & Kevin Whalum (vocals), Rod McGaha (trumpet), Bruce Dudley (piano), Andy Reiss (guitar), John Birdsong (bass), and Duffy Jackson (drums).

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Giant Steps by Ron Wynn, October/November Edition Part 1

A. Introduction

With the end of 2017 fast approaching, the holidays are usually a time for family gatherings, revival and reflection. It has been wonderful for me to revive this column for the Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society, and doing it has also provided me with a renewed appreciation for and interest in a host […]

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Giant Steps by Ron Wynn Sept 2017 Jazz & Blues Reviews

Jazz and Blues Reviews
Spotlight Review

Dave Pomeroy
“Angel in the Ashes”

Bass ace Dave Pomeroy not only been a prolific and versatile player (more than 500 recorded appearances in multiple genres), he’s also a noted writer and a longtime union advocate. But his first love has always been playing, and he demonstrates impressive technical acumen and idiomatic […]

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Giant Steps by Ron Wynn September Edition Part 2

Interactions: Interviews with national and local jazz and blues artists and writers

A. Willard Jenkins -WPFW-FM/Editor/contributor Open Sky.

Willard Jenkins does so many things we could devote an entire column just to his various activities. He’s among other things an independent arts consultant, concerts and festivals artistic director/curator, producer, writer and editor under his Open Sky banner. […]

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VIDEO: from TJBS Great Albums Concert: Herbie Hancock “Head Hunters”

From the November 2016 Great Albums Concert, “Chameleon.” From the Herbie Hancock album “Head Hunters.” Concert featured Paul Horton (keyboards), Greg Bryant (bass), Rahsaan Barber (saxophone), Giovanni Rodriguez (percussion), and Derrek Phillips (drums).

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Giant Steps by Ron Wynn, September 2017 Reflections

Giant Steps – September edition, Section 1
A. Reflections I
As we move into the fall and 2017 approaches its end, it is also an appropriate time for a bit of inside baseball regarding the Giant Steps column. The alliance with the Tennessee Jazz and Blues Society, now in its second run, is proving a wonderful and re-energizing […]

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Nashville Jazz Workshop presents JAZZMANIA 2017

Jazzmania is the Nashville Jazz Workshop’s Annual Jazz Party and Fundraiser. All proceeds benefit the Workshop, going to support its mission of enriching people’s lives through classes, performances, and special events for the community.

The event takes place in Liberty Hall at The Factory in Franklin Saturday, October 14, from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.

This year’s featured […]

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Thelonious Monk 100th Birthday Concert

The Tennessee Jazz & Blues Society presents a special tribute to jazz great Thelonious Monk on what would have been his 100th birthday, Tuesday, October 10. The concert will take place at Rudy’s Jazz Room and will feature a quintet led by pianist Bruce Dudley.

Bruce Dudley has made a longtime study of Monk’s music, […]

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